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Monday, February 20, 2012

What's New

I have had a particularly horrendous week. I remind myself, on an hourly basis these days… Three does not last forever. Three does not last forever. Three does not last forever. I may have wondered out loud, at least once today, whether there was a boarding school for preschoolers.

My daughter spent Friday in the hospital with a concussion she received at school (she's fine now).

I started a new job, which I love, but I'm spending about 50 hours a week getting my bearings with the new and unfamiliar work.

We had houseguests for the weekend, relatives that came down with a serious case of food poisoning while staying here, ugh.

We are at a big, fat, standstill while we wait for word on our boy in Texas and while in limbo with the foster care system.

I am overworked and overwhelmed and in extreme amounts of pain, despite the dozen or so prescription medications I'm swallowing down these days. I'm tired of pills, tired of nausea and wooziness, dry mouth and all the things that come along with this haphazard treatment…tired of all the drugs not making a difference. Pout.

My well is sort of dry, right now, of encouraging words or pondering about faith, but I hope you'll stay tuned. Some changes are a' comin' to WhimsySmitten, things I'm excited about, things that have brightened the heck out of my bad week, and I hope you'll be around to check them out.

I've decided to branch out, a bit, and I'm going to split this place right down the middle pretty soon. In honor of that, I'd like to start focusing a bit more on the home décor/whimsical/fun/vintage/family-focused arena that this place started out about. Since I'm all words and not enough places to put them, I'll be moving my musings about life and faith and love elsewhere before too long. More to come in that regard.

In honor of the switch, and to set the stage for what's to come around here, in a few days I'll be hosting a virtual open house, a tour of our new digs… the comfy little place I call "Quail Run Cottage". I'll show you what I've been up to around here and feature different rooms on different days. Rumor has it there are a few giveaways involved, so again, I hope I'll see you around, friends!  

Counting gifts, today and every Monday, along with Ann.
-          Work I love, spending all day soaking up wisdom and Scripture and good teaching
-          A new office chair that helps a little with my back pain
-          Creative aspiration
-          Creative inspiration
-          Family time on Saturday
-          Book review programs, stacks full of wonderful reading material
-          Early bed time for little C tonight
-          Inspiring quotes
-          John 14:18
-          Loud and happy chit-chatter
-          Husband putting a paint booth in the garage, perfect for our projects
-          Spending all day with my kids today
-          The kids having a weeknight movie date with the grandparents… a few hours of quiet for mama
-          Super affordable surprise vintage finds at the craft market – an antique ironing board and an old Tom Thumb typewriter
-          Blessings in disguise
-          Finding Flea Market Style and Vintage Style magazines at the store today
-          A surprise pink hydrangea plant from a husband who loves me


  1. No no no....don't tell me that three is worse than two!

  2. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but around here, I'd trade three for two any day. We have a serious case of toddler OCD going on around here - everything has to be just. so. or he has a total melt down, and this happens at least twenty times a day. By the time bedtime rolls around, I resemble a crazed maniac from just being at my breaking point for way too many hours. Ugh.  

  3. I am so excited to see the changes that are coming!!!


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