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Monday, February 6, 2012

Laughter and a Million Joys to Find

Sometimes, the hard plastic bench at a fast food joint with free Wi-Fi and sweet coffee feels like a soft bed… a peaceful retreat.

I headed out early this morning for some hours without little people, and I'm chuckling ironic at the flood of lunch-hour teenagers that surround me here.  Seems I can't escape, but as I listen to the laughter, I'm spurred back to life and I remember myself at that age, how easy it was to find things to be happy about, when the weight of the world was crushing around me and yet, I carried a tin lunch box and wore plaid golf pants just because it made me smile, and time spent with a handful of friends could cause uproarious laughter.  I wonder how long it's been since I laughed that hard. 

I wonder when I became a grown-up.

And in the cackle of this social experiment otherwise known as lunch break, when I can breathe in long and deep the aroma of French fries without any tiny hands on me, that I nearly want to crack a wide smile and remember that there are a million sources of joy to be had… that one only has to be aware.

I catalog… those million joys…those thousand gifts…and count them, one by one, with Ann.

-- Errands and writing time all by myself this morning, a chance to breathe
-- Getting a doctor's appointment at the last minute
-- A few more things to try on the way to wellness
-- Having health insurance
-- Beautiful sunny weather that excites me for spring
-- Lung-fuls of clean air
-- A fun new photo app on my phone
-- A lazy SuperBowl gathering at moms
-- Sweet potatoes
-- The rest of the day off, feeling well enough to catch up on housework
-- Toddler kisses, in high supply these days
-- Open windows, breezy days
-- Finishing Genesis in my in-depth study, moving on to Exodus
-- My 'Keep Calm and Love Mercy' bag from Relevant, with proceeds to The Mercy House
-- My blog reader, a ready source for inspiration and encouragement always at the ready, always ready to fill me up
-- Mt. McLaughlin, snow-capped in my rearview, blinding and beautiful
-- Comfort in cast-offs
-- A tax refund to come, this week
-- Free Wi-fi
-- Things I'm free to release from my life, and more to come on that, dear readers
-- Laughing teenagers, an inspiration to smile
-- The longing that returns me to the Word, over and over to fill my cup and then some
-- Losing track of time


  1. love your list. . . and  i have to say i love my blog reader, too :-)
    have a blessed week!

  2. Hey, Cara! So glad you found a little time and were able to soak it in. Love ya, friend! 

  3. Hey! I am sorry that I never answered you back today about chatting this afternoon...it was one of those "out of it" days. I am really interested in the new things that you are going to be trying on your road to wellness....Hope we can try again soon! Love to you!


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