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Monday, April 18, 2011

Being the Blessing

Have you heard of Reece’s Rainbow?  No? 

Me either, until today, when I stumbled upon this delightful project – a family bringing their boy home across miles, despite disability and financial uncertainties… arms and hearts waiting to hold their precious boy, raising the money to bless a child, to bless the world.  Visit here to dream big along with this family and make a donation (and to be awed by the many giveaways being offered to those donating).  Of course, the greatest giveaway is what we take from blessing others, but if you’re longing for an iPad or some eye candy of the most swoon-worthy variety, here’s your chance for a win-win). 

Be the blessing, today, friend.  J


333.    God not always giving us what we ask for – His wisdom to insist on better for us.
334.    Sleeping until 7 and drinking coffee, in bed, on Saturday.
335.    Paper plates.
336.    A time-out and tantrum free toddler playdate.
337.    Fresh bread, purchased from the joyful Amish woman we met in town this weekend.
338.    Watching my children scribbling gifts in their own gratitude journals.
339.    An uneventful surgery undergone by a friend, now home resting.
341.    A fruitful morning quiet time.
342.    Dinner with colleague-friends last night.
343.    Holy Week.
344.    Answered prayer…
345.    …even when the answer is “no"...
346.    …or, “wait”. 


  1. Hey! Thank you for finding me and commenting! You have a sweet blog yourself and beautiful children!! God Bless!

  2. Thank you so much for donating and sharing about our fundraiser! It means so much to me:) God bless!


  3. beautiful list...found you at One Thousand Gifts. Love the name of your blog...

  4. beautiful list...found you at One Thousand Gifts. Love the name of your blog...


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