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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why I Don't Mod Podge and Other Confessions of a Wannabe Craft Blogger

Here's the deal, friends.

Time is at a premium for me these days (isn't it always?).  And I love me some crafting, and I lie awake at night dreaming and drooling and obsessing over home decorating, furniture painting, and all things DIY.  I secretly wish that I was born Miss Mustard Seed or Ms. Funky Junk Interiors or Jen at Tatertots and Jello or Layla Palmer or Martha Stewart for crying out loud, or any of the rest of you other insanely awesome creative masterminds.  I do.

But the truth is, I'm a crafty wanderer, and an obsessive decorative mind-changer.  I love these things like I love the air I breathe, but I am not the crafty blog goddess that I often deeply wish I was.  In fact, I've probably put way too much pressure on myself lately for not being able to carve out time for these pursuits.  Partly because I don't really know what my craft niche is yet (and any given month I sort of lollygag and roam around between re-purposing and quilting and painting and vinyl and art and baking and paper-crafting and knitting and vintage and modern and this and that and the other thing... and I love every bit of it.  I'm truly a jack of all crafts, and master of none.  Creativity makes the blood coarse through my veins, truly.  But I torture myself over imperfect photographs and imperfect projects and I dread the proper way to link-party-till-my-eyeballs-pop and it's all just really too much... which is partially why I've sorta disappeared the last little while, while I pondered and considered all of this and what I really wanted this place to be about, if I was going to spend precious time here.

The truth is... when everything else is swirling and changing and I want to be one thing and I sometimes force myself to be another thing... what I really, really am, in the depth of me, is a writer.  This is the passion that God knit into my very fiber... my real first love.

Surprise.  I bet you hadn't noticed.

This blog was started when my little DIY business was launched over a year ago.  Since then, life has moved on and the business was paused to pursue this residential care ministry I'm living and loving and learning in, right now.  But I was deeply hooked in this creative blog world, and I plan to stick around, but I've realized that I avoid any real writing, here, because, let's face it... you're all really here to see what I can do with a jar of Mod Podge and some vinyl scraps, right?

Well... it's time for a bit of transformation, just for me.  And while I'll still post my creative projects here, I'm hereby releasing myself from the pressure to have a "thang" and just go with the flow, and sprinkle some inspirational words here and there, all in the name of creativity.  This is my corner of the internet and if this blog winds up being as mish-mashed as the rest of my life... well then, so be it.  Because the truth is that I think Mod Podge is magical, but I hate using it because its messy and sticky and real craft bloggers just don't say those sorts of things on their blogs 'cuz its bad for business.  I also only sew in crooked lines and I don't wash my paintbrushes out as well as I should.  So there goes that. 

Instead, I'm going to let my heart roam free and let this place be full of words when I need it to be, and void of them when appropriate, too.  And if y'all stop reading, that's okay too.  I just need to be me for a bit... and let it all come as it will, 'stead of trying to force the juices to flow and my end results to "fit" here as well as they seem to for you "famous" bloggers.   Real artistic genius is all about creating that which makes your heart soar.

So, Whimsy, here's your permission.

Soar.  Write.  You have the word tattooed on your wrist, for crying out loud, so... do it already.  And while you're at it, stop talking to yourself on your blog.  It's weird and creepy and probably not doing much to attract readers.

Anyway, can y'all give me the grace to let this place gel for awhile while I make some changes in the name of honesty and real-ness and honoring what I'm really all about, deep down in the heart of me?  Thanks.  I knew you'd understand.  You are just that awesome.

And you probably make all kinds of nifty things with Mod Podge, dontcha?  Thought so.  :)

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  1. You tattooed it on your wrist!! Oh, you mean business. :) LOVE it!


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