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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kind of Tears I Need

I just ordered this book:

by Ann Voskamp

I've seen the cover here and there and... well... I could use a lesson in living fully, where I am, these days, instead of merely marking time or considering what will come tomorrow.  I figured nine bucks was a splurge I could afford in the interest of real life, real love, and this real faith that is having its day in the fire, in this season.  
I looked up the author and visited her page, here: www.aholyexperience.com
I read.  And cried.  And appreciated her words so much, because of the gentle conviction about my selfishness, all wrapped up in the reminder that grace and truth can make me better... that all the kinds of love I'm wrapped up in every day can be better, with the deliberateness and attention they deserve.

So, thank you, Ann, for the words I needed to touch my heart today.  I can't wait until the book arrives.

Edit:  Looks like I don't have to wait.  I have several Audible.com credits waiting for just such an occasion, and this wonderful book is on there.  I'm probably unreasonably excited about the amount of housework awaiting me tomorrow, since it means I can spend several hours zoning out to this on my iPod.  Still excited about getting a physical copy, but I am so in the mood to hear more of what all this lovely lady has to say.  Yay!

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  1. Hi cara!!

    That book looks wonderful!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my little feature in Romantic Homes. It was so fun to see pictures of my projects in there.

    I appreciate your comment!



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