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Friday, February 25, 2011

She Art Workshop!

Ahhhhh!!  I am SO excited.  I just signed up for The She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson here, at Scarlet Lime.  Her quirky creations make my heart sing, and I am so thrilled to overcome my reluctance to attempt to "create art" and just have fun with this.  Step aside, kiddos... it's play time for mommy!

This is a big leap for me, because it requires overcoming self-doubt.  I have never been able to even draw a stick figure correctly, which pretty much disqualified me from ever taking an art class or considering myself an artist.  But I love paint and I love paper and my creative brain just loves the freedom found in mixed-media art, so why not?  Maybe I'll be terrible at it, but it's high time I get my hands dirty with something fun, so... here goes nothing.  At the low, low price of $35 for the class... what a deal!  Care to join me?  Click the link above!

I can't wait until class begins on the 28th!  In the meantime, I'll be writing up a storm as I have been all week, and enjoying the four days off that started yesterday, not to mention this beautiful, sunny February heat wave that's upon us.  Ahhhh, this may just be... bliss.  (Ok, so there are mountains of laundry and kitchen organization and packing-list-making awaiting my attention, but for the moment, I'm choosing to linger in this blissful moment of joyfulness). 

What are you joyful about, today?

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  1. hello friend! i read your comment on shannan's guest post at my place... i'm so glad you're able to find my book useful... it's a humble story about a couple that did amazing things. i hope you are encouraged by it. i love your place here--your children are so beautiful! and this workshop is something i would really enjoy. i paint at home, but would love to do it in community. have fun, sister! so glad to meet you!


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