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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Love Your Dirty Laundry

I love your dirty laundry.

And not just the skeletons-in-the-closet variety, either.

Your real-life stinky socks and sweaty sweatpants, clothing piles that turn in to mountain ranges, loads that are left in the wash too long and start to mildew.

Nothing says imperfect like dirty laundry.

And these days, I am all about embracing imperfection.  I try to, as one of my favorite Curly Girl Design prints suggests: 

Live imperfectly with great delight.

And it does a heart good, in this world, to know that you have them too.  Stinky socks, I mean.  Bad days.  Dirty clothes and dirty dishes and things you mean to get to with all your heart but life just gets right on in the way and you go on living and being wildly fabulous anyway.

Because you are, you know.  Fabulous, that is.  Wildly, excruciatingly, downright God-breathed and fabulous.  

And dirty laundry is no match for fabulous you.  It’s no match for fabulous me either, as a matter of fact… and another thing about laundry… is that it waits.  Just like all the other doings that need to be did.  Some things wait.

Some things don’t.

So stop, for a moment, doing what can wait… and go do something that won’t.

Go kiss a child, make love to your husband, call your mother.  Sing a praise song at the top of your lungs, no matter who else is listening.  Send a note to a friend, shoot hoops with a teenager, take a bubble bath.  Daydream.  Make a cup of hot chocolate, or even better, make two.  {Drink one, share the other}.

{I won’t tell if you drink them both.}

 Do it.  You have permission.  The laundry will be there tomorrow.



  1. Haha!! Yes, the laundry is currently keeping my adventurous girlie *somewhat* in the living room...it's clean, technically, but definitely not put up. ;)

  2. Love love love this post.. you should see my laundry room right now! Please don't tell that not only am I drinking two cups, they will have a nice lump of cool whip for decor purposes! Thank you for this refreshing post.

  3. this is so very inspiring friend. especially that last paragraph. what a gift you are.

  4. Personally, I like my cocoa with some Irish Cream mixed in...because usually, that's what my day calls for!  ;)

  5. This so amazing! (: This had just put me in the best mood at the right time. And your writing is fabulous! 

  6. People better get on the ball, and realize what a talent you are... or else I might have to moonlight as your agent.

    And if the cocoa has whip, I may even go 3 cups.

    -dani sue

  7. I LOVE this.  And definitely needed to hear this today.  Thank you for sharing = )  - Jessica

  8. ok. i just. absolutely. love this. mama to four here. and i have piles. piles! and no, they don't stop growing, and they won't wait. they grow the fastest while im doing laundry, i think.

    spectacular writing--i love the way you just lay it down so bare--the way we are all thinking it and not saying it, and you just say it so plain and with such cleverness. good job.

    blessings in His grace, new friend!


  9. *sigh*... Another perfect post about imperfection!  You are my newest, bestest friend!  Keep writing these things, because I need to keep being reminded about how OKAY that dirty laundry really is.  Thanks *again!*

  10. This comment really encouraged me -- I'm so glad you are enjoying reading. And girl, we're all in the same boat, and that laundry and all that imperfection -- it IS okay, because we are redeemed. :) Good to meet you, thanks for coming by!


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