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Thursday, June 23, 2011

When it's Time to Get Quiet


Look – I haven’t fallen off the planet.  Who knew?

I do so apologize for my absence of late – I have missed you, tremendously.  Life has been happening (doesn't it always?!) and though it’s not at all terribly interesting, it has been a whirlwind.

Two new boys came to live, one age five, one age six.  And we’ve had temporary little ones even younger here and there, and life is way too hectic for my own sanity.  I’m trying my best to tread water, anyway…to find the grace that is the only antidote to chaos.

I did get the opportunity to slip out for a few days and attend a conference for residential care workers (which is what I do, if you weren’t aware), listening to speakers and experts talk to us about things like what role trauma plays in direct care and how technology is hard-wiring kids’ brain’s differently these days than ever before.  All very good information, but I’m afraid I didn’t return much more rested than I left -- just with a more pressing need for guidance.

Which is why I’m particularly grateful for the 9 (yes, I said n-i-n-e) glorious days off that began today.  Not many big plans, but lots of family time on the agenda and big blank calendar squares, which is something I’m not well acquainted with these days.

So I’ll be around, while I poke around the issue of life/self/ministry evaluation in the days to come and wrestle with some tough stuff that’s been weighing heavy in all kinds of ways.  I aim to get alone, a tricky prospect but a necessary one, I believe.  Jesus had to get alone, to pray, to rest, to consider what was before Him, after all… and I, in all my weakness, certainly need to do the same.  I’ve been prone to desperate prayers for deliverance lately and its time to get quiet and listen, now. 

What do you need to get quiet about, today?  What is weighing you down?  I pray for open doors, for you and for me, and closed ones too, where they’re needed.  For silence and rest, for grace that trumps chaos, and for gratitude in the Truth that transcends everything smaller than (and it’s all smaller than).  Be blessed today.   

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  1. Oh dear friend, it is so good to see you! I hope that you get the rest, the peace, and the silence you need for a while! May the doors open and close for you and your family as needed. We've been looking at some doors, too, and guidance is definitely needed. Thank you for sharing your heart. God bless!


Your comments are such an encouragement. Thank you for sharing your valuable words.