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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Speak Gently, Stand Firmly, Love Wildly

I already ranted about Mother's Day here, so I'll try to spare you from Bitter, Part Deux

For the most part though, I feel the same about Father's Day as I do about Mother's Day… that it's sort of exclusive and selective and celebrates an ideal that nobody really lives up to, making the fatherless and non-fathers somehow less honored.

But I'm a lot more torn in my affections today because despite the sea of broken hearts from broken lives left by broken daddies in so many of the people around me, there are also so many amazing men I want to honor, men who give me hope that even in the brokenness, there are moments of heaven on earth in the form of strong hands and tender hearts.

I consider my greatest gift in the world to be my front-row seat to the effect of my husband's love in my kiddos' lives. Truly. Ryan is many amazing and wonderful things, but at the top of the list, he is a daddy who drops all pretenses, sheds all expectations, and loves his children wildly and well. I don't know what my children's futures will hold but I know they will rest surely in the love of their daddy, a man who allows skeptics like me to be able to even fathom the love of a perfect and holy heavenly Papa.

He delights in his children and teaches me how to do the same. He loves me well and teaches them what marriage can and should be. He respects and honors me and my voice, and I'm so very grateful that my daughter is growing up strong and confident because her worth as a daughter is confirmed and encouraged every day in her life.

My sons see that the strength and power of a man is often on its best display in the tiny moments… a 
midnight diaper change, an ice cream date, a tickle war, a towel around the shoulders, a goodnight hug. 

They know that a strong man speaks gently but stands firmly, loves deeply, and acts rightly.

Thank you, Ryan, for being what I never even knew existed… for modeling a whole and holy love over our children and our family. Thank you, readers who are fathers and readers who are raising future fathers. 

Your work is vital and the moments matter. You are an embodiment of our heavenly Daddy and your influence is profound. 

Happy Father's Day. 


  1. Cara! I love what you've been doing with your blog. I can't believe how big and grown up your babies have gotten. It feels like just yesterday that I was coming over and playing with them. I miss you guys!

    So I'm sure you remember that I left for school in Texas. I moved around a bit, but after working a corporate job in Arizona for two years I've decided that I miss working with children (and Texas. Again!). I really enjoyed my time with your family and hope that they had as much fun as I did. I'm interviewing with a family that has a young boy the age that your girl was when I was with you guys. They were looking for references and I thought I'd try to find y'all and see if you were willing to chat with them.

    By the way, I've never been much for matching socks but I read a really cool tip for keeping everyone's separated. Have you ever seen those washable mesh lingerie bags? Well, you give each family member one and then the socks usually stay with their matches even though they aren't exactly paired. Saves you a little time digging.

    I'd love to hear from you! Give everyone hugs for me.

    Alison Davis

  2. What a trip it was to get a comment from you!! We were just talking about when you took the kids to the children's museum a hundred years ago. Just sent ya an email. How ARE you, girl?!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my place...it is such a gift from God to have a husband who reflects the love of their Heavenly Father to them. By God’s grace... now as most of my children area adults...they don’t have to wrestle through knowing they are loved by Abba...such a blessing. blessings to you as you all continue to love these kiddos well.


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