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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On My Night Table.

My book list, this month-ish. 

Well, to be fair, I've been reading Jon Courson's Commentary for over a year now. Just about halfway through.  The rest of these are in various stages of bookmark-edness and eardog-edness.

Which is to say, I'm a book hoarder. I often read dozens of titles at once. Much like everything else in my life, I don't read linearly. Well, I try not to jump pages or anything, but I'm ever and always switching between this book and the next, stealing a minute or two here and there to plug my way through them. 

What about you? What are you reading these days? 


  1. My friend Jean Wise, who blogs at Healthy Spirituality, shared a name for those of us who read multiple books at once: polyreaders. I just thought my reading habits were another area of my life where I was ADD. Right now I'm reviewing a book about a man who hikes the Appalachian Trail after losing his wife to cancer, Scott Mcknight's Jesus Creed, Kingdom Calling by Amy Sherman, Word Press for Dummies (okay, not actually reading it, but I did download it to my Kindle). I also just downloaded David Kinnaman's You Lost Me. Oh, and I'm reading straight through all seven Harry Potter books while using my elliptical. I'm on book 6 and have the entire Wizard of Oz collection queued up next. How's that for poly-reading?

  2. Love it! Truth be told, there are more books on the in-process list, but these are ones I may actually get either get through or read regularly this month. I'm highly ADD too and discover I actually retain much more reading several things at once than trying to read through one at a time. My brain has to be engaged in multiple areas at once, I guess.

    I transcribe for a paycheck and just realized that I type twice as fast (and therefore, make twice as much money) by listening to music at the same time that I'm listening to dictation. That is a huge no-no in my field because of the likelihood of distraction, but in my case, I guess it keeps the creative part of my brain occupied long enough to help me narrow my focus on the details of transcription and luckily, I don't struggle with quality issues even while "splitting" my attention in this way. 
    Isn't the human brain weird?! 

  3. I am usually a polyreader (love that Nancy) but right now, I don't even have a nightstand, and I am lucky if I can get through my one book for book club (which I host -ha!). I am hopeful that it's just a season & book devouring days will return, but for now it's a rarity! My current lonely read is the Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler.


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