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Thursday, April 12, 2012

On Quarters and Unbelief

I am wonky and off-center, stressed about money and nursing a headache and cramps and a pink-eyed daughter today. I am waiting for too many things that are suspended in air, aware that nothing easy is around the corner, and I'm cranky. I am too little already to be minced up so fine, scattered to the dizzying tasks of making life in a world that is not my home.

It all feels so worldly and more than ever, I'm longing for fresh life, for a break in the rain. Out the window there is a tree tower leaning crooked, ever closer to our roof than the day before and I watch the tree suspiciously, envisioning the break line…sizing up just where and when it might crack right through the middle, splinter and split and sever and crush whatever lies beneath it. And I might be more like that tree than I'd like to believe.

I, too, am precariously leaning.

But I watch the clock in the meantime and cling desperately to absurd ideas and anxious attempts at control and count quarters, again. I click-clack on the keyboard 'cause it's my job in life and it's the only thing I know to do when I don't know what to do, when I've gotten myself in the same mess that comes around more often than I can stand to admit. I contemplate less, so much less, and don't know how it's possible at the same time.

I balance and re-balance and the numbers topple like the tree will someday. I order mistakes in my mind and fine-tune on do-overs that will never be done over. So I say it, methodically, word-by-word to myself over and over, that Word, that reminder, the instruction of what to do with our anxieties and focus this time on the part "transcends all understanding" because I am ever and always trying to make sense of the senseless, trying to give God an "out" on His promises.

If I could trust, I would know He needs none. If I could trust, I wouldn't be gut-deep in this. But my pretending has got me here, and so I grasp quarters like a lifeline and rehearse verses like a lunatic, over and over to find new life in the words, to make myself believe them.

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  1. i feel you on this...we live by quarters each month it seems and money is always a stress but we still find what we need and sometimes even a bit left over...this has def been road to learning this for me...

  2. Thanks for reading, Brian. This too shall pass, I know this, and I am reminded of the need to be more faithful when it comes to every one of those quarters because I cannot be blessed when I am in no position to handle it.  

  3. An hour ago, I prayed, "Lord, I am faced with truth.I cannot find it in me today to trust. I try, but I cannot.
    What happens when I come to the throne of grace to find help in time of need with shaky confidence at best, that is stretching it? My hope is that  this throne is one of GRACE." Then I read your blog.
    Earlier this week, He said to me," There is power in this grace."
    I, too, clutch promises until my hand is straining. Mine are different than yours. But it is His hand that "openeth to fill the desire of every living thing."
    Blessings on you today :)
    Even my blogging has been a struggle. Perhaps I will try your honesty.

  4.  It all feels so worldly and more than ever, I'm longing for
    fresh life, for a break in the rain.

    you put into words here what i so very often feel, friend. i've missed you. xo


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