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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home, Again

I'm alive.

(Surprising, I know.)

In the last couple of weeks, I've worked like a madwoman, looked at a dozen houses, pigged out on turkey, spent Black Friday in the emergency room, hobbled around on crutches, got diagnosed with gout, designed a tree for the Festival of Trees, dropped out of my chronic pain study, decided on a house, signed a lease, cleaned the new house, and, in 4 days, we'll be moving in to this home in the hills with a killer view.  It is decidedly free of shag carpet and other people's furniture.


Sunday morning, I will wake up to this (and this is the actual view from exactly where my bed will go):

Beautiful.  And I am so, so grateful.  The price is right.  The space is plenty.  The yard is abundant, the view extravagant.  And the Whimsy is happy.  Oh so very, very happy.

I'll probably be absent while moving, but before long, I'll share my home-making escapades with you all as we begin life again in our own place.  (Yay!)

Thanks for bearing with me, friends.  <3


  1. I cannot tell you how UTTERLY thrilled I am for you guys! Yay! And you are right! The View IS AMAZING!!  Email coming soon!!

  2. so glad you're back!! what a check-in this was - girl you've been BUSY! i am SO happy you found a house! what a gift! i hope it's all you've prayed for!

  3. Yay, God!  So happy for you, Cara.

  4. Congratulations!  That IS an amazing view.  You're going to love waking up to that :).


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