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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(LINK FIXED) - We Are What We Eat: The Sustenance of Words

As soon as I was old enough to talk, and though he was never a believer, Dad read me Bible stories as literature.  Not the kid-ified ones about Noah’s Ark and Jonah but ones out of Revelation, ones about locusts that looked like horses and fiery dragons, and a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns.
I thought Christians must be crazy...
(Read the rest over here -- honored to be posting at BibleDude.net today. )

(Note:  My apologies if you tried to access this link and it didn't work or you received a warning message.  There were some technical difficulties at hand yesterday.  The trouble has been fixed now.  Thanks for grace!)


  1. Jessica @ the thought gardenSeptember 15, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    Are you able to add the rest of your post? I'm a day late and the link isn't going through.  

  2. So sorry Jess!  We had some technical difficulties yesterday.  The link should work now, or you can get it straight off the home page at BibleDude.net. 

  3. Great post.    I am forwarding your site to my wife, I think she would enjoy it too.    I noticed in a previous post of yours that you are moving to Oregon.    Your story is such a good story, you should hook up with the folks at The Mentoring Project in Portland when you get there.    They are working with churches to mentor to kids whose lives have been impacted by absent or ineffective parents (mostly fathers).    A lot of these kids can benefit from hearing your story of overcoming religion to find Jesus.  

  4. Thanks Kevin for stopping by and sending your wife my way, and for your kind words.  Haven't heard of The Mentoring Project, but I'll definitely check into it.  I'll be 5 hours from Portland, but it sounds like a wonderful program. 


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