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Thursday, July 28, 2011

When You've Lost Your Muchness

“You’re not the same as you were before.  You were much more “muchier”.  You’ve lost your muchness.”

So says The Mad Hatter to Alice in Wonderland.

And it resonates because I too have lost my muchness.  I think sometimes it’s just slipped away…melted… when I lack inspiration and the energy just won’t come to create or tell stories or do the things I know I was created for.  But it didn’t melt.  I see now that like an avalanche my muchness has been buried, rubble-topped and stunted deep beneath… my muchness.

Stay with me here.

The valuable muchness that I have been given, and yours too – the vibrant soul full of life and words and gifts for the sharing collapses so often between the muchness of life – piles of stuff and lists and emails, things to clean and things to store and things to buy.  And the muchness of life is suffocating, sometimes – the life that pulses with the Spirit and love and all things magic and miracle gets buried beneath the keeping up of the life that no one ever designed us for.

Have you lost your muchness?

Are you, too, gasping for grace-swirled air beneath the rubble pile of the rat race?

The Lord is keeping me up at night with a laundry list of the things in my life I need to let go of in order to make room for the abundance waiting outside my door.  Things, obligations, expectations, and even ideas.

There is muchness within me, waiting to get out, kept prisoner by an entirely different kind of muchness.

And so, I begin a journey of release, of letting go of the muchness I hold in my hands to be full of a muchness that arouses my soul, awakens the life of abundance that we’re all designed to have.
Where in your life can you let go, today?  What can you surrender to make room for that which is so much more? 


  1. I like that image of the Lord keeping you up at night - and with a laundry list!

  2. Deidra, yes it seems the times I feel Him speaking most clearly is when I'm trying to sleep.  Guess that should tell me something about how often I need to get quiet before Him (hence the necessity to let some things go, I think).  

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. About an hour ago I wrote in my journal "what can I change?" I have been at the camper for two days alone and I have realized how buried in the muchness of life I am. My word for this year is disencumber. It is no easy task. I am grateful to the Lord for the timing of your post

  4. So excellently and beautifully written. I think I need to mull over this muchness, the one pressing in and the one swelling out, hmmm...

  5. It struck me that muchness and abundance are synonyms. It makes me wonder if Lewis Carroll had this in mind when he wrote, "Did you ever see such a thing as a drawing of a muchness?"

    It's something that can't be drawn, but we all know what it means.... and we know when it is missing.

  6. A dear friend of mine also picked up on the idea of losing her muchness. Maybe we need to let go of that muchness to grab hold of that better part that Jesus talks about with Mary and Martha. Congrats on being featured in this month's High Calling Around the Network feature. That's how I found you.

  7. Thanks again for your sweet words, Nancy. And yes, always a lesson for us Martha's learning to be like Mary. Better part, indeed.

  8. Yes, we do, but it can be so hard to grasp on to how exactly we've come to miss it. A journey of discovery for sure, when stumbling upon grace and letting it open your eyes to all that's missing. Thanks for coming by!

  9. I hope you have mulled over it. It's changing me, bit by bit, the more I do. I'm finding with each contemplation over this that all I think I need and want and most of what consumes me is utterly superfluous. Thanks for coming by!

  10. No rest for the weary, Deidra! Thanks for stopping in!


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