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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Girl

I am bone tired.

Thirteen people need something from me right at this minute, and all I can do is sit and funnel all my energy into the simple task of keeping my upper eyelashes from falling and taking me deep into dream-sleep. 

The job is harder than you might imagine.

I feel zapped and drained, void, and I glance over and see this lovely girl… busying herself with a book, beautiful in the simple pleasure she finds in a good story.  Quiet and content, lovely with her hair mussed and bare feet sticking out crooked from the chair.  She doesn’t know I’m watching, and yet, this is the most interesting thing I’ve seen all day.  

In this instant, I am lifted.

Eight boys that call me mama, and I realize that I am so very blessed to have this one sweet girl who shares my heart, who loves from the very bottom of her toes, who is always beautiful without trying because her heart is so very pure and the beauty just seems to leaks out of her, even with cream cheese all over her face.

I am grateful, today, to a God who knows how my heart needed this girl – this girl who gave me such fits in her younger days with her feisty independent spirit, but is such an amazing inspiration to a mama’s heart as she grows… high and deep.  Without her, I would drown in a sea of sportscasts and Nerf wars, and I am just so very glad she’s my Baby Love. 


  1. oh wow. we are expecting our second boy in july... this makes me long for a girl someday :)

  2. I share the emotions you have about your daughter right now. They are mini versions of ourselves right? My oldest daughter is visiting me for a while and I didn't realize I missed her as much as I did.Wish I could go back just for a while and watch her sleeping and study her face.sigh You are lucky. Those were the days.


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