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Monday, March 28, 2011

And It Falls All Around

Yesterday was rushed and filled, and I was too abrasive, trying to get this brood to their respective plans… to far away towns for fishing and shopping and getting things done.  Me, who, weekly, longs for Sabbath, daydreams of rest and refocus but cannot seem to apply the discipline, cannot seem to line up time to accommodate rest.

Despite all the me in that equation, the day was marked by smiles and grace, and all was well. 

And isn’t it always?

So rest and refocus came, in funny, unplanned ways…flaking from upward grace and settling down upon me where I had not even invited.

Thank you.

Today, I shake off the haste and pestilence.  Apply myself to my tasks all the same, but with a heart lifted ever upwards and maybe the corners of my mouth too, upwards, reaching up, up, to finding joy in laundry and phone calls… signs of life and living. 

Today, again, I count them.  Blessings.  Joys.  Gifts.

225.    Little girl sleepovers, full of giggles.
226.    Hope, in whatever form it arrives, moment by moment.
227.    Satisfying sneezes.
228.    My baby’s belly, rising and falling with spent breath.
229.    Appealing weather.
230.    Heavy eyelids and cozy beds.
231.    A night of restful sleep.
232.    A front porch large enough for many friends.

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